Understanding CEUIM

China Entrepreneurial University Investment Management Co.,Ltd. (CEUIM) is China Science & Merchants Investment Management Group’s professional organisation managing educational investment which is committed to innovation & entrepreneurship education and practices.


CEUIM’s current mission is to execute its University-based Collaboration Project and to construct a New Ecosystem for Innovation & Entrepreneurship. The University-based Collaboration Project, simply put, is a huge project where CEUIM unites a range of Chinese universities, some of which are listed on QS World University Rankings, to construct a systematic platform, in the form of CSC Entrepreneurship School, educating Chinese university students about innovation and entrepreneurship and supporting their practice. Through a unique and practical methodology including but not limited to enquiry-based learning, entrepreneurship-oriented practice, the provision of premises, funds and guidance for start-ups as well as growing businesses, students at those universities become innovative, have the awareness to and motivation for being entrepreneurs. Current Chinese universities which have written collaboration agreements with CEUIM total 100. Several of these universities have already launched the Schools with students, faculty & staff and facilities all in place. Many are executing or are about to execute the agreements which were freshly signed by organising all the administrative and academic issues in the hope the Schools are to open as soon as possible.


CEUIM enjoys strong support from China Science & Merchants Investment Management Group (CSC), which is China’s first professional RMB venture capital fund management company approved by the Chinese government with the head management office in Beijing. With 6,000 limited partners, the Group currently manages venture capital funds of RMB 80 billion (approximately USD 12 billion), with investment interests in hundreds of businesses, of which nearly 60 have been successfully listed.


CSC Entrepreneurship School

The CSC Entrepreneurship School is such a school within the hosting university that it is one of the several schools / colleges that comprise the whole university. It, together with many other schools such as Business School, Law School and the School of Professional Studies, constitutes the entire university. Students study for their own Bachelor degrees / postgraduate degrees / diplomas. All programmes of study offered at the School focus on innovation and entrepreneurship to reflect its brand. In the meantime, students at the other schools of the university are also entitled to education in the realm of entrepreneurship and to entrepreneurial practices, which are delivered by the School.


CEUIM has strong control over every CSC Entrepreneurship School and works closely with every hosting university to support the operation of the School. Managed by a board of directors which is comprised of representatives from both CEUIM and the hosting university, the School advances under the leadership of the dean. The School is a platform on which CEUIM assembles and draws on various academic, financial, technological, social and international resources to educate students and support their diverse activities. These resources work in co-ordination with one another to form a New Ecosystem for Innovation & Entrepreneurship in which students develop their professional knowledge with the awareness to and motivation for being entrepreneurs.


CEUIM has entered into agreements to run the CSC Entrepreneurship School with more than 100 universities in mainland China. These include a number of membership institutions in Project 985 and Project 211, which are both China's national key university development schemes. These universities, e.g. Tianjin University, Xiamen University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Central China Normal University and Dalian University of Technology, are believed to be amongst the best universities in mainland China.


Meanwhile, CEUIM is making efforts to work with universities outside mainland China for various arrangements to support the development of the CSC Entrepreneurship School. The Stanford University Centre for Professional Development, the University of Cambridge, the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University and the Chinese University Centre for Entrepreneurship, for instance, maintain their working relationships with CEUIM / CSC in various realms.



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